Some Videos during GDG DevFest Cambodia 2015





GDG DevFest Cambodia 2015: A Technology Event That Can’t Be Overlooked.

DevFest (Developer Festival) is an international community event initiated by Google to spread Google Technology to Google lover around the globe. DevFest is usually run by a local Google Developer Community around the world which started around September to November annually.

This is the third-time which Google Developer Group Cambodia take the lead to organize this exciting and useful event especially to Cambodia youth who love to use technology. This event also has been organized two times already. The first one is in 2013 at Norton University and the second time is in 2014 at Zaman University.

GDG DevFest Cambodia has move a lot of focus on user participation rather than traditional presentation style. GDG DevFest Cambodia 2015 will be organized in a more technical session and participation and we are also having a women specific group during the event.​​ The Event will be organized into 5 Main Zone.